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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Songs of Angels

This is Buttercup's choir at their spring concert. They did such a great job!

**sniff**.... only one more concert before graduation!

Earlier this year, the director sent in an audition tape for the State Music Educator's Conference in the State Capital and only 10 choirs out of the state were picked to perform there. Two of those choirs are from our school!! They will perform this song while they are there this weekend.

We have such a great music program in our school!

(Wees, you will recognize the director. His wife is the pianist and his 3rd daughter is standing next to Buttercup -- on our left.)


Yvonne said...

They really are great.

Kristi said...

Wow! They are amazing.

Wees said...

That was incredible! Thank you for posting this! And I LOVE Aly's hair. So cute. When did she cut it?

p.s. - I do recognize Mr. Director. He has a few less hairs than when I last saw him (oh, say 30 years ago) but he still looks mostly the same.

thorkgal said...

Yes, loved the concert and was honored to hear about the 2 choirs out of 10. I haven't even had time to countdown concerts... I'm a bad mother. :(

Roger and Barbara said...

I'm so sorry we weren't here for this. It sounds like it was fabulous, as usual. Aly looks so grown up with her cute hair. Is it still pink in back?