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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Rolling in the Dough

It's time for another Cookie Recipe!

Sadly, my last batch of cookies were a FAILURE!!! Yes, it pains me to say that, but they weren't good. We're not the kind of people that can just throw cookies away, so we choked them down, but I put the recipe away and made a note NEVER to make them again... (I'm sure they failed because there wasn't a drop of chocolate anywhere in them! They were Lemon Cookies.)


My recipe today isn't a cookie recipe.

I know, I know!! Three recipes into my cookie part of my blog and I've already broken two of my rules:
  1. Only post cookie recipes
  2. Post all recipes, even if I don't like them
Rules were made to be broken, right? It's better to ask for forgiveness than permission is my philosophy! (Not really, but it sounds so --- rebellious.)

So the recipe I've chosen to share today is my mom's most famous, most fantabulous, most delectable CINNAMON ROLLS!

I didn't ask permission to post it, so I hope it's okay. We're back to the permission vs. forgiveness philosphy again. Maybe I'm a bigger rebel than I thought.

Here's the dealio on this recipe: My mom created it out of a dinner roll recipe and it's truly the yummiest roll you'll ever eat. I rarely make a whole recipe for my small family. This is so easy to cut in half.

This is the ONLY bread/yeast recipe that I can succeed at. I can't make bread, I can't make homemade rolls, etc. If a recipe calls for yeast, I know that if I make it, it will be hard, small and -- in the wrong hands -- will have the potential to become a deadly weapon. Seriously. I have even bought bread mixes that don't turn out. It's sad to be a Mormon Mom and not be able to make breads, but I've learned to deal with it. Maybe that's why I make a gazillion cookies each year. I'M COMPENSATING!

I made this batch for Conference/Easter weekend. Traditionally, I always make them for Conference. The children expect it. Max dreads it (they give him heartburn) and I look forward to it. I also make them when we go camping. It's so yummy to wake up in the mountains and eat scrambled eggs with a side of homemade cinnamon roll....

Without further ado, I give you:

Grammy's Cinnamon Rolls (this recipe is broken down into steps which makes it very easy to follow!)
  1. Sprinkle: 3 TBSP yeast on 1 Cup warm water
  2. Sprinkle: 1 tsp sugar on yeast and let stand (make sure the yeast and sugar are mixed and covered with water. It needs to grow. BUT BE CAREFUL that you don't mix it too much.)
  3. Scald: 2 Cups milk (I don't use a thermometer when I scald. I pull the milk off the heat when the milk is just about ready to boil)

  4. Add: 1 Cup sugar to scalded milk

  5. Pour scalded milk over 2 cubes margarine (I always use butter) which are in bowl to be used for mixing.

  6. Add: 6 beaten eggs to cooled milk/butter

  7. Add: yeast mixture

  8. Add: 3/4 TBSP salt (this is a fun one to cut in half!)
  9. Stir: in 5 Cups flour. Stir well.
  10. Add: 5 more Cups flour

  11. Let covered dough raise once (I always put a wet dish towel over the dough and set it on top of the stove with the oven door open and the temperature set on low.) Let it rise to DOUBLE

  12. Roll dough on floured surface, making a rectangle.

  13. Spread the filling evenly over the dough (filling recipe is below)

  14. Roll up the dough and cut in 2" sections

  15. Place rolls on well greased pans; cover and let raise (spray some plastic wrap with Pam and put it over the rolls)

  16. Bake for about 25 minutes at 350* (watch them! In my oven, I only bake them for 15-18 minutes.)
  17. Remove from pans immediately (that is what the recipe says to do, but I never do.)
2 cubes melted margarine
(again, I use butter)
2 Cups sugar (I hate brown sugar in my cinnamon rolls, so use granulated sugar)
4-6 TBSP cinnamon
Raisins or nuts to taste (only if you want. I know I never put raisins in my cinnamon rolls!! Yuck!)

I just use a basic butter frosting to put on top. If you prefer a glaze or a cream cheese frosting, by all means top them with that! Just make sure you put a LOT on!

These store well, so you can make them a day or two in advance, but I insist that you have one the first day you make them. They are so light and fluffy and will melt in your mouth.


Thanks Mom!!


Roger and Barbara said...

Ummm........! You have my forgiveness for publishing my recipe. Besides, I lost bragging rights to this recipe to your Dad years ago! Everyone in Bozeman calls them "Roger's" rolls.

Connie said...

My, oh my! Delicious, you rebel!!!

thorkgal said...

Okay, you lost me at the yeast and warm milk... I'm afraid of yeast I would of made a good Jew or something. (unleven bread) But, I love eating them and they look delicious.

Corps of Discovery. said...

I admit that I am a baking dork, so I need to ask a dorky question? What kind of yeast do you use. There seems to be so many types (regular, instant, etc.) What do you use?

Cheryl said...

I didn't even read the whole post, all I needed to see was cinnamon rolls and I was sold. So, I am going to go home print out the recipe and put it in my to bake pile!

Yvonne said...

I LOVE cinnamon rolls and will have to give these a try. Thanks.

I am horrible at making bread, too.

Wees said...

That's funny because my recipe card reads "Roger's Fabulous Cinnamon Rolls" and it's an old, much used (read: dirty) recipe card. I guess I should correctly title it "R&B Cinnamon Rolls".

Some might think this would ruin them (Dad, namely) but after you spread the filling, sprinkle some chocolate chips on, before you roll up. Mmmmmm......

Roger and Barbara said...

We use SAF yeast. Seems to work the best!

Amber said...

You're a regular Pioneer Woman with those pics and steps!