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Monday, April 20, 2009

It's a Bird! It's a Plane!

I don't dare hope that the temperatures will remain warm. I don't dare hope that we won't have any more snow. After all, this is April and I live in Florin! But when we do have springlike weather, we forget all about the work that need to be done around the house and get outside to have fun.

Saturday was GORGEOUS!!! And Max was home. We had to get out and play. Our choice: go to Guilder and play 18 holes of Disc Golf.... or in our case Frisbee Golf (we're too cheap to fork out the big bucks to buy the fancy discs required to play a "real" game. We just used regular old frisbees).

Inigo shows us his form.

Buttercup's form is slightly softer. I think this throw yielded about 5 feet for the frisbee.

This is how we played: Inigo took off running all the way to each basket. He had to be first... big shocker. The rest of us moseyed along behind.

Traffic jam at the basket.

Most holes had a Par 3 or 4. We usually threw 8 or 9 per hole.


The park where the course is has some GREAT trees for photos. I have wanted to try my hand at some pictures there for some time and I got a little practice on Saturday. Under the right lighting and caring a little more about our appearance, I think we could get some decent shots.

I think this will be our family picture for April.


JulieJ said...

I'm taking my scouts to do that on Thursday. Looks like you had fun.

Yvonne said...

That looks like a fun game.

Love the pictures--perfect tree.

jill said...

Okay so you know what I had to do to find out who in the heck Valerie is???????????? She made a comment on a post of mine....scary pic lady!!!

thorkgal said...

Your going to have to email me where you go to play this. I could actually have fun doing this sport. Cool. Great scouting idea too, like Julie said.