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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Assault With A Squishy Weapon

Max has been travelling a lot. He's not home as often as we would like him to be. That leaves us home alone and unprotected. This has worried him and he has been contemplating different ways to remedy the situation.

There are a whole host of methods that have crossed his mind.

He has thought about:

*hiring a big, burly body guard to sit at the front door at all times
*installing sensitive laser beams crossing the kitchen floor that will trigger an alarm when the beam has been crossed (that's obviously a BAD idea due to midnight icecream raids!)
*buckets of water balanced precariously over outside doors
*steel plated doors that seal closed automatically if someone touches the knob after 10:30pm
*smearing honey on all door knobs with empty soda cans stacked up on the door jam

All good ideas, but not practical for family living.

Max's problem has now been solved. A weapon has been acquired. A weapon that can be stored in my nightstand.... fully loaded with the ammunition right next to it. A weapon that I can feel good about. I don't worry about Inigo getting a hold of this and injuring himself or his friends. No one will put their eye out with this one!!!

It's a marshmallow gun!!
So much fun! It's my opinion that every member of every family have their own.
Poor Lola (the dog) is going to get fat on marshmallows this summer!


JulieJ said...

My hubbie saw this once and had to get one. Must be a guy thing. Glad it keeps you safe!

thorkgal said...

Hopefully you get a hungry intruder. Ha ha Keep them at bay while your roast the marshmallows and get the grahms.

Marci and Sarah! said...

YES. i LOVE marshmallow guns. soo much fun!!

Yvonne said...

I love all those ideas you listed--I particularly like the water bucket above the door ; )

I've never seen those marshmallow guns. Unfortunately, I'd always be out of ammunition.