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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Buttercup's Decision


Buttercup didn't quit the drill team tryouts. She stayed all three days, even though she was in pain and taking Ibuprofin to get through it all (she fell down the stairs a couple weeks ago and while her foot isn't broken, she has bruised her ligaments).

The actual tryouts were yesterday and I'm relieved/sad/happy/ohIdon'tknowhowIfeel to report that she didn't make the team.

♥ I'm relieved because the ordeal is over and we can get on with our lives.
♥ I'm sad because I really like it when she is part of the team. It's an amazing thing, being part of something like that and I think it helps you grow as a person.
♥ I'm happy that she stuck with it and now she won't spend years wondering if she could have made the team. I'm also happy that she learned that she isn't a quitter and that she can stick with something -- even if it's hard!
♥ I'm not really sure how I feel about it because she has decided, once and for all, that she is finished with dancing. She isn't even going to take a dance class at the studio anymore. This has been such a part of our life... for the past 12 years... that I'm sure I'm going to have a hard time letting it go. Dance recital is on May 15 and this will be the last recital that I will see my children dance in (Inigo doesn't want to take dance classes anymore either!). So I guess we can put this into the sad category.
But maybe not: Think of the money I am going to save!!! Dance costs more than just the class. There are registration fees, recital fees, costume fees, production fees, etc. etc. I will appreciate having that extra cash every month!

I have told her that since dance is over, she has to find something to replace it. She must join another club at school, find a volunteer opportunity (Mayor's Youth Committee, or the Crisis Center, etc.). SHE MUST STAY INVOLVED!!! Expecially since it's her senior year. She also needs to find a job, but that's nearly impossible in this college town. (Spring track starts next week and there will be thousands of kids looking for jobs.)

So, while the dancing part of our lives is over, a new, unknown part is just beginning! We're looking forward to what's ahead!!

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Yvonne said...

I think it's so great that she stuck with it, but I hope she isn't too disappointed that she didn't make the team.

I'm sure you're disappointed about the dancing, but you're right THINK OF THE EXTRA MONEY YOU WILL SAVE ; )

I didn't realize Buttercup is going to be a senior. Wow.