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Monday, February 23, 2009

It's Been a While

I'm not sure you want more of these, but I have to record them anyway. Yup, it's time for another edition of:

"What did Inigo say today?"
(I've actually been saving up for one big entry. I'll post the most recent first.)

Inigo has been fighting a weird bug for some time now. At first we thought it was just a heinous cold, but I'm beginning to wonder if it's not something else? Either that or he has a raging case of hypochondriacism. Keep in mind that he walks around with the thermometer tucked under his arm.... literally all day. ("Mom! My temperature says it's 98.4. I think I'm reeeeeeeeally sick.") So tonight I was tucking him in bed. I felt his forehead and yes, it is slightly warm. To test how sick he really might be I say in a warning voice, "Okay, if you're this sick, then I'll call the doctor and take you in tomorrow!" He doesn't like shots, so if he's not too terribly sick, he'll say in his I'm-perking-up-it's-a-miraculous-recovery voice, "Oh... that's okay. I'm sure I'll be better tomorrow." But tonight, he said in his I-really-don't-feel-well voice, kind of breaking up in a half a cry, "Oh okay." Then he points out that his tummy feels kind of weird. I have him lay on his back (which was funny. First he knelt down and arched his back up and I said, no lay on your back, which made him lay on his stomach. I had to say, "put your back on the mattress so I can see your tummy!") I pressed on his stomach and he said it hurt "this much" and held both hands at about shoulder width. Then he got a very worried look in his eyes and said (half crying):

"Am I having a heart attack?"

"No, Inigo. You heart isn't in your stomach."

"Do I have diabetes?"

"Well, I'm not sure about that. But I don't think so."

Poor kid.

Earlier today he was trying to get out of doing his 15 minutes of reading. He was in his room playing and I told him to get out a book and get it done!!!

He walked down the stairs and said in a horrified tone:

"Mom! I feel like a fat man!!"

Buttercup and I were at the piano practicing for voice lessons when he said that and to be honest, I don't know how we kept it together. She fell on the floor and pretended to laugh at the dog and I buried Inigo's head in my chest, comforting him, so he couldn't see my face, as I made fake crying noises to cover the laugh.

I got calm enough to try to talk to him about this. "Okay, Inigo. Exactly how does a fat man feel?" And to be honest, I can't remember his answer. But it eventually morphed into him shoving his pinkie finger into my face and indignantly saying:

"Well, it hurts when I pinch my finger!! And it hurts when I stand on the side of my foot! Do you think I'm going to die?!?!"

I had to laugh. Of course it hurts when you pinch your own flesh. And, to be honest, ankles were made for support, not to walk on.
Fortunately for us, I think you're going to live!

Sunday. It was a special day.

Max and I had to sing with our ward choir at a stake priesthood meeting at 7:00 in the morning. Ugh. The kids weren't up when we left....(of course they weren't.) When we got home at about 8:20, Inigo was standing on the stairs, frantically putting church clothes on.

He was very contrite and said, "I'm sorry! I slept in. I'm getting ready for church now!"

The poor kid thought that he had slept so late that he missed church and that we had left without him. (Buttercup was still asleep in bed.)

Here's his choice of clothes: Khaki pants, his dress shirt, a black vest and his neon green tie from last year's dance recital.
He was still half asleep. We were touched that he wanted to make sure he made it to church and that he took responsibility for getting himself ready. He got a big hug and reassurances that everything was fine, that mom and dad had a meeting early at church and there were still a couple hours until it was time to go. And then tenderly I started helping him with his outfit.
"Inigo, you did such a great job picking out your outfit today!! I'm so proud of you for getting yourself ready for church! Here, let's fix your vest just a little. I can see that the buttons are just a little off," and I showed him that the alignment of the buttons was off by one. (Are you ready for this?)
"Mom, I didn't do it wrong! They just put the button in the wrong spot!"
How do you argue with that?
A couple weeks ago, he was getting dressed for school. I think it was Valentine's Day. We didn't pick out a special outfit... just some jeans and a long-sleeved t-shirt. He got dressed in his room and came downstairs to the living room where I was.
"Mom, do I look hot? I want to look hot for the girls at school today."
Oh man. Do you have a 16 year old sister or what?


Yvonne said...

Those are so cute. He must keep you in stitches.

I have to admit I love that they "put the button in the wrong place" ; )

I hope he is feeling better.

JulieJ said...

Love it! That's too funny. Hope he gets feeling better!

Sarah Miller said...

All I can say is..."You gotta love kids!" They keep life interesting and help us to remember and laugh. Thanks for sharing those stories.

Cheryl said...

That is awesome. He is sure going to be one cool kid when he gets to highshool

Kristi said...

So cute! He can turn any situation into an interesting one. I got put into Beehives as the advisor! I don't think the mom's would appreciate burping lessons...but maybe eventually.

sarah joelle said...

hahahaha, i think i almost peed my pants reading this.