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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hot Crossed Buns

Inigo is doing very well in kindergarten. He had some testing done and we found out he is reading on a second grade level. (His class finally finished learning their ABC's -- about two weeks ago!)
When I was in second grade, I started piano lessons, so I thought that since the boy is reading on that level, I'd get him started. He really needs a challenge in his life and this is an inexpensive way for me to give it to him. (Lessons are cheap -- I'm his teacher!)

(He hasn't learned actual notes yet. He's still just working on learning fingering so I have him say out loud the finger numbers so he can remember them.)


Kristi said...

It's good you can give him a challenge at home. I have 2 kindergarteners that come to my 1st grade class for reading (20 minutes a day)...maybe next year you can suggest that to his teacher. It's not fair to hold him back if there's a possibility for him to get instruction from another teacher. We do it all the time at my school...it's worth a try:)

melanee said...

This is cute! This is kinda what I look like trying to take up piano lessons again... except not as cute! Mom's make the best teachers!

Annie said...

...and I bet it smells like cotton candy.

Yvonne said...

That is so great. It is important to keep them challenged. Good luck with the lessons.

Sarah Miller said...

Good luck with the piano lessons. I want to start teaching lessons down here, but I'm to stinkin scared. Any advice on how to start?