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Monday, August 22, 2011

The End

School starts this week.


I have friends who count down the days from May to Sept. They can’t wait until their kids step back on that school bus in their fancy new clothes, carrying their backpack and lunchbox. On the contrary, I spend that first morning in deep mourning: total depression and utter loneliness crowding into my thoughts. I also have thoughts (or reminders) of all the fantastic adventures we were able to accomplish and crowd into the summer months, as well as think longingly of the many activities we didn’t quite get to. I ALWAYS wish we had two or three more weeks before starting the grind again.

This year is different. Buttercup is at the END of her schooling adventure. September marks one year since she began cosmetology school and Oct. 1 marks the day she walks out of those doors for good. Inigo is starting third grade here in Florin, but probably won’t finish it here. He’ll finish it in New Florin with a whole new group of friends and adventures…hopefully all positive and wonderful.

Max was in town for the weekend, so he gave the traditional start of school year blessings. Yes, that’s a plural. Even though Buttercup isn’t beginning a new school year, she’s beginning a new phase of life (moving out, getting married, starting a career) and we thought a father’s blessing would be highly appropriate. Inigo LOVES getting father’s blessings, so he was first in line. It was a good way to end a Sunday evening and a nice send-off as he heads back to Florin for another week of work.

This post shows some of the fun things we did this summer:

╚ ╚ ╚ ╚ ╚ ╚ ╚ ╚ ╚ ╚ ╚ ╚ ╚ ╚ ╚


































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(No camping pictures because we didn’t make it out! :(
We’re hoping to finally sleep outside over Labor Day weekend!)


Garden of Egan said...

I felt the same about my kids going to school. I loved having them home.

Looks like some pictures from Beartooth Pass???? Am I right?

What are you building out there in the middle of nowhere? The new home?

Connie said...

Love that last picture!!
I'm in mourning when school starts because I have to go back to work! :(

Looks like you had a fun-filled summer.

Loved the Sunday before school when the hubs would give all 8 kids blessings. It took a long time but I sure felt better about them going back to school!

Yvonne said...

Love the pictures. Looks like a great summer.

Life is full of changes. Hang in there.

I hope the wedding plans are coming together.