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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Blue Ribbon!

In the movie That Thing You Do (one of the BEST movies EVER, IMHO) there’s a scene where Lenny says, “I’m not with them, I’m with the piggin’ competition down at the pavilion and I’M GOING TO WIN THAT BLUE RIBBON!!”

Well, at our county fair I won a blue ribbon too… only it wasn’t in the piggin’ competition.

Inigo and I entered a couple photos in the photography exhibit.

Inigo got a new Nikon point and shoot camera for his birthday a couple days before the fair, so we went out and had a quick lesson in composition and holding still while you press the shutter release and took some pics that we felt were good enough to enter.

I went through my files (I have thousands) and picked two pics that I liked.
We had them printed up and mounted them on mat board and submitted them to be scrutinized by the critical eye of judges and the community.

And then we waited….

Judging was supposed to take place Thursday night, but it happened on Wednesday night.
A neighbor stopped by on Thursday afternoon and said, “I saw your picture! You won a ribbon!”


It’s what I was hoping for.
Having a stranger judge my picture, telling me they like it feels very good.
(Having my friends and family tell me they like some of my pics
is gratifying, but they kind of have to say they like my pics.

Anyway, when we went to check things out on Friday, I was expecting a ribbon, but was expecting a white, Third-Place ribbon.

Inigo was expecting nothing but blue, because he is young enough he
doesn’t have any self-doubt built into his self esteem.

We both squealed in delight when we finally found our photos.

Inigo won two third place ribbons!
We’re pretty excited since this was his first competition!!
(He wasn’t disappointed at all that he didn’t win a blue.)

I won a blue ribbon and a (very) small amount of money for this shot.
I’m so glad I did. This is one of my favorite pictures I’ve ever taken
and I felt validated that the judges liked it too.

This is the second photo I entered. No awards with this one. :(
Oh well.
You can’t win ‘em all!


Yvonne said...

Way to go. That is wonderful.

And I speak for all of us when I say WE DON'T FEEL WE HAVE TO tell you your pictures are good--THEY ARE.

I need help when it comes to composition. I can't believe Indigo just got his camera and won. That is wonderful.

Connie said...

I remember seeing that picture on your blog and I was super impressed with it then! I guess I'm not the only one!

Congrats to both you and Inigo!

Garden of Egan said...

That is so cool!!!!
I saw the pictures but didn't know who's they were!!!
I always go to the photography section cuz I love photography so much.

Congrats to both of you!