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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Whoooo's Watching You?

The other day, Inigo came up with a "great idea!" We were driving home from grocery shopping in Guilder and he said, "Mom! I know what we can do!" (He's always looking for something fun and exciting to shake up his day.) "We can go next door and toilet paper Jillwanna and Maddlefaddle... right before dinner!"

Max and I had a good laugh. Obviously he has a teenager sister and obviously he knows we have been toilet papered before. But what he failed to notice was the t.p.ing happened under the cover of darkness. He apparently thinks all you need is to be secret and quiet and you can do it.

He was so enthusiastic and I knew Jillwanna is a good sport, so I agreed that he could go over while they were eating dinner and cover one of their bushes. And since he's a novice, I had to help him. WOW!! That was a blast from the past. I haven't gone t.p.ing since my two friends and I went on New Year's Eve to t.p. the house of our Stake President's son.... probably 1985. (Toilet papering a house in January in Guilder... what were we thinking?!?!?)

We grabbed 1/2 a roll out of the bathroom and snuck next door (yes, I used the word snuck....) We picked a bush to "decorate" and I handed him the roll. Back and forth we threw it -- okay only about 3 times -- and just as we were about to run back home, Inigo said, "How about if I ring the doorbell and run?"

Okay. So add doorbell ditching to your list of crimes!

Inigo was so hilarious! He thought he was the sneakiest kid EVER!!

Later that evening I talked to Jillwanna and I confessed our crime. She thought it was funny and decided to play along with the whole prank. The next day, she called Inigo and told him that she had been toiled papered and she needed his help to watch her house to catch the culprit. Then she made a pair of "binoculars" out of empty toilet paper rolls. Inigo sat underneath some trees in our front yard, watching her house. He thinks he's so funny and that he has completely pulled the wool over her eyes.


Are you sick and tired of hearing about my owl?

This morning I was on my way to exercise at Curves and when I drove past a tree in the park I looked up in the top branches and this is what I saw

Need a closer look?

(I wish I had a good lens to get a better pic up close....)

Gah!! Kind of scary! At least now I know which tree s/he's roosting at!


Kristi said...

Fun times! Who can help but play along with that. Thanks so much for the cute blanket. If she would ever get here, I would wrap her up in it!

JulieJ said...

Look like you live in a really pretty place. What a great mom to go along with that. I'm not sure I would have been so kind.

Yvonne said...

What a fun story. That Indigo is such a character.

Aubrey said...

ha! I love that you went t.p.ing! What's even more hilarious is that he said Jillwanna and Maddle faddle. Does he always call them that? Heaven forbid those nicknames escaped the walls of our home...

Valerie said...

Aubrey, unfortunately Inigo didn't call them Jillwanna and Maddlefaddle. I am trying not to use real names here on my blog and I knew that those were names that your family uses, so that's why I put them in here. (Yes, they have escaped the confines of your house!!! Mwahahaha!)
However, the rest of the story is exactly true. But what's even funnier is that in Inigo's zeal to help your mom out, he actually said to me, "Mom! I think I know who did it!"
That's a slam your hand on your head moment.