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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tilt Shift What?

As you all know I peruse a few blogs. Okay. I'll be honest. More than a few. I have found myself up late, late at night, still clicking from one blog to the next, oblivious to the fact that it's turned tomorrow, happily reading about other people's lives. I guess that makes me kind of a voyeur. But I figure it's the same as people who don't close their curtains or blinds at night. They are just begging me to drive by and look in their windows!

I digress.

I was checking out a blog I'd never read before and I found a link to this great photo program. It's called TiltShiftMaker.com. Seriously, I wouldn't say it too fast. There is a lot of room for errors in pronunciation. And if you mispronounce it in front of the children, there could be serious repercussions!

Possible bad words aside, I had to check it out.


Check out some of the photos I created:

I put them on in the order that I liked them. If it wasn't already late, late at night... yup it's tomorrow!... I would have spent more time looking for the right photos and seeing what I could come up with. But for now, I learned something new.
And you did too!!


Acacia said...

LOVE the second one! It looks like a french painting! You gotta check out Photoscape 2009. Here's a link: http://photoscape-download.com/new/home/?affebnid=147&gid=&ovid=&yid=&msid=&hop=howgood It's free, and you won't believe what you can do with it. I'll send you an email with some before and afters. It has filters, vingettes, textures, borders, etc. It's Photoshop Lite, IMHO. I didn't even read the instructions and came up with one of my baby that I intend on blowing up to 20x30.

Sarah Miller said...

The pics look great! You totally look like a professional photographer!!

JulieJ said...

I love playing with photos. I even took a Photoshop class last year and it was so much fun. Looks great!

Yvonne said...

Thanks for the link. I'm always wanting to do stuff to improve my photos.