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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Finale Thoughts

LOVED the American Idol finale tonight! This is the first year I have been somewhat quiet regarding the competition... I don't think I've blogged about it once. I guess Facebook kind of took over for that. But now that it's over I have a few things to say:

Most Awkward Moment: Bikini girl and her brand new body parts. I want to know who her mother is and why in the world she lets her daughter parade around mostly nude in front of a gazillion people. Teaching your daughter self-respect is a good thing.

Most Surprising (for me): Keith Urban. I HATE country music. From the first twang of the electric slide guitar I feel nauseas and get dizzy. If the radio or CD is not turned off immediately, my ears start ringing and my vision goes blurry. Tonight I discovered the joy of watching country music. It was yummy. (Yes, Red, you win on the whole Keith Urban is babe-a-licious thing!!)

Most Reminiscent: David Cook. Took me back to the excitement of last year. LOVE HIM!! Not sure if I love his blond hair but was touched by the black arm band in honor of his brother who recently passed away.

Most Take-Me-Back: Cyndi Lauper, Rod Stewart, Kiss, Lionel Richie, QUEEN. Thanks for making it relevant to me!!

Most HUH? moment: Norman Gentle. Really. Did you make me laugh in the Top 24? No. Did you make me laugh now? NO! Please don't make me watch him any more!

Most co-ordinated outfit: Randy. His glasses matched his bowtie. Go figure.

Best Big Girl Moment: QUEEN LATIFAH IN A BODY SUIT!!! Oh yeah. She looked goood!

Best Get My Face On TV Moment: The top 13 finalist from Puerto Rico. What was his name again? I don't know, but there he is, cheesy grin on his face and right on the heels of Kris. Dude! Let him have his moment!

Best Moment on TV This Week: "Dim the lights, heeere we go.... after the nationwide vote of nearly 100 million... the winner... of American Idol...2009 .....is... KRIS ALLEN!"

**Editor's Note: Ultimately, I 'm a Danny Gokey fan. That's the album I will buy.



Keith Urban. Holy freakin' cow. Next time you come see me, I'll let you sit through the concert on DVD, with the surround sound, on the 43-incher. Cold showers to follow.

Annie said...

Great recap!

melanee said...

Aw I love people's thoughs on American Idol.. but I'm so sad it's really over. I think we think very similiar- you pretty much summed up my thoughts, except I've always known the joy of watching AND listening to country :) now that you're converted to Keith, try Kenny Chesney next :)

thorkgal said...

Wow, you show be a reporter somewhere. I was thinking Kris had to win. The way he sings appeals to more people. I would buy his album. Adam has talent, don't get me wrong, but do I want to buy an album, no. Loved the season. It was the best EVER. Now I'm ready for "So You Think You Can Dance"! Yes, I'm a fan.

Sarah Miller said...

You're missing out on the whole country music thing. Just let go of your prejudices and allow yourself to enjoy the awesomeness!