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Thursday, March 10, 2011

"How's Your Dog?"

Most people don't like Monday.

I have never been like "most people."

As a matter of fact, I try hard NOT to be like "most people." Being normal is kind of BORING!!

So what day of the week don't I like?


It's a hard day for me. I have been a single mom for 4 long days, and I know that Max will be home in 24 hours (or less) and I'm just READY for him to be here.

And it's Cub Scout Day.

I love those little guys, but HOLY COW they wear me out!

I have "sole custody" of 5 little Bear Scouts (we're working on getting a second leader for me, but until then, to keep the "two deep leadership" rule, we share a room with 8 equally rambunctious Wolf Scouts. It's NOISY and CRAZY!!)

Today was a little more work. Two extra boys showed up for our meeting. One of the boys is 10 and should be going to Weblos, but the Weblos leader is not holding meetings. This poor kid was craving some scouting experiences! His little brother, age 6, came along and really added to the noise and confusion. (He is really excited to join Cub Scouts.)

I really need an assistant!!!

Before Inigo and I left to go to the church for our Den Meeting I noticed the neighbor's dog sleeping under some pine trees. I was impressed that this dog actually found a spot in the yard where the snow had melted and grass was showing. I was impressed that she was able to recognize a nice soft place for her afternoon constitutional.

I love this old dog. Her name is Bandit.


HER name.

She's a big, OLD, black lab that has a heart of gold.

She defends her family as well as she can with her old bones. But she also recognizes a friend and will knock you over with her wagging tail, offering you doggie kisses while she waits patiently for a pat on the head.

I was happy her old bones had found a comfortable spot.

I silently wished her a happy rest and we left for our Den Meeting.

After Cub Scouts, Inigo and I had a bunch of errands to run, and we returned home about 2.5 hours later.

Bandit was still sleeping under the trees.

At first I thought, "WOW! She really is OLD! That's a long nap she's taking!" and went in the house to put groceries away and start cooking dinner.

Then I realized exactly how long a nap it was and she hadn't changed position.

And my heart sunk.

So I went outside. I stood at my garage door and I whistled. She didn't move.

I yelled her name.


But she could have bad hearing, right? After all, she's OLD!!

I whistled again. This time louder. (Which really isn't a problem with me. I have whistling skills. Most people go deaf if I whistle while standing next to them.)

Bandit didn't even stir.

I debated putting on snow boots and trudging through snow drifts to go take a look at her (we still have substantial snow drifts in our yards)... and I will admit, I got scared. I have a very tender heart and I didn't think I could handle it if she truly was deceased.

So I got on the phone and called her owners.

Jewels answered the phone.

"Hey Jewels, it's Valerie. Please don't think I'm weird, but I have to ask you a question."

"Okay, Valerie. I love you and you can ask me anything."

"Jewels, how's your dog?"

Jewel's voice got soft and she asked me, "Is she dead?"

"Yes, Jewels," and I started to cry, "I think she is."

This poor dog, who had been a member of their family for over 12 years (I think it was 14) had gotten into some poison -- they think it was antifreeze -- and they had tried to help her, but her poor old body couldn't fight the poison, and she went to the warmest, most comfortable spot available in our neighborhood to rest her weary bones and leave her earthly existence.

Little did I know that when I wished her a "happy rest" that I was wishing her a "happy eternal rest."

Sleep well, Bandit!!

(It's silly of me to weep over a dog that doesn't belong to me, but I can't seem to help it. I have always had a tender heart when it comes to pets.)

Bah! Thursday!

• • • • • • • • • •

I did feel a little better later this evening when I went to Roundtable for Scouts and I won a box of TWINKIES!! Who doesn't love a frozen Twinkie now and then?

• • • • • • • • • •

I put this on Facebook today, but it was so sweet I need to write about it here.

This morning when I woke Inigo up to get him ready for school, the first thing he said to me, with sleep still in his eyes was,

"Mom, where's your favorite place to drive to?"

I originally said, "Disneyland," because I REALLY want to go back there, but then I revised it to "Yellowstone."

Then I asked him where his favorite place to drive was.

He sat there for about 3 seconds thinking, then he answered,


• • • • • • • • • •

I finally finished Leo's wedding pictures. They are on the jump drive and ready to mail.

Why am I so nervous?

I hope she likes them!!


Yvonne said...

Hope you get some help with your Cubs SOON.

I'm so sad about Bandit, too, and I didn't even know her ; ( We don't have pets because I can't deal with it when they die.

I'm sure Leo will love the pictures.


gelly said...

Bless little Bandit! Pets are so hard to lose-they hold a special place in their family. :(
Hope you guys have a good weekend!

Connie said...

You're a saint to deal with those cub scouts!
I got tears in my eyes reading about Bandit!
I love Inigo's answer.
Glad you survived Thursday.

Julie said...

I'm with you on the scouts. I'm the Bear Leader too. Although I do have an assistant. We did have 15 Bears coming, now we are down to eleven. Sometimes it takes me all of Friday to recover. I don't mind Mondays either. It's kind of like a new start for me.

thorkgal said...

Wiping my eyes over the dog story. *sniff*

Wees said...

I don't know Bandit or Jewels, but I am still crying. Dogs and kids do that to me.