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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

His Tastes Are Simple... He Only Likes The Best

Christmas is almost upon us and Inigo still hasn't had an opportunity to sit on Santa's lap. (Yes, in our family we still Believe.) Last night I suggested to him that he hurry and write a letter so we can get it sent to the big jolly elf. Personally, I was hoping for a long sappy letter filled with good cheer and charity... I envisioned things like "I wish that Daddy could find a job closer to home so he wouldn't be gone so much." -or- "Please bring my best friend Bullseye the perfect gift he wanted." -or- even better, "I wish that all the orphan children will find a family that will love them forever this year." Maybe this, "Santa, I have everything I ever wanted and needed, so please take my gifts to the poor and help them have a Merry Christmas."

Can you tell I just watched It's a Wonderful Life for the second time ever (the first time was in college I think)? Apparently, I have a skewed perception of reality.

Inigo's letter didn't even come close to my imagination:

Dear Santa Claus

This Christmas I want a Bey Blade Stadium * Phone * Palace * Real penguin
named Carson * Flame Libra Bey Blade * Car * T.V. * and that's all I want.
Thank you for coming.


What the.....?

A palace? As if our 4 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom split level built in 1973 isn't enough? A phone? And just who, exactly, are you planning on calling? The car.... now that is just silly. Dude, you're growing like a weed, but I'm pretty sure you can't reach the pedals and see over the dashboard at the same time.

But the item that made me laugh the most: A real penguin named Carson.

I can't even explain that one away....


Cheryl said...

I love the list!
Coolest kid ever!

thorkgal said...

Make sure you keep those letters. We were just reading through some letters and Christmas memories and they are fun. Spelling errors are hilarious... one letter ended "dy Santa" instead of "by Santa."
One memory I wrote down: "Santa's elves didn't see me being bad this year." haha you have to have witnesses or you can't prove anything.

Yvonne said...

I should have read this before I read the post about Santa coming to visit.

I need to go find my kid's old Christmas letter and read them over ; )