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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

That's SIR Edmund Hillary!!

Halloween is over. Whew? I guess that means we're this much closer to Christmas.... ugh.

Instead of writing -- in rather boring detail -- about all the events of the day and about Inigo's costume, I thought I'd post an essay he wrote in school:

Hello! My name is (Inigo) if you're wondering. This Halloween I am going to be Edmund Hillary. I have a real ice ax. It is very sharp. It has little blades. But it can still kill you. If you whak someone very hard. Nobody will know who I am but my parents. And the people who we rent skis from. I want to get lots of candy and my friend comes with us. I will love this Halloween. Next Halloween I'm going to be the Avatar (Air Bender). I will love it next year. I don't know
who I will be the year after that.

The End

(We rented most of the equipment for Inigo's costume from the Outdoor Rec. Dept. of the local University. They LOVED talking to Inigo about Mt. Everest)

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Yvonne said...

I love that you used his essay--very cute.

I hope he got lots of candy ; ) Love the costume. And he already knows what he's going to be next year--way to go.