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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

No Tomato Aspic For Me!

I love Thanksgiving! I love that we get to eat lots of the tastiest food. I love that we get to spend nothing but TIME with family. I love that we laugh and burp and sleep and burp and play games and EAT!!! (Not necessarily in that order.)

Apparently Inigo enjoyed Thanksgiving too. I will share the essay he wrote the day he went back to school:

(I am thoroughly enjoying the essays he is writing now. His 2nd grade teacher has done such an excellent job getting him to write! His brain moves much faster than his hands do, so in the past his writing has been sketchy and frustrating. The ideas flow but it took too long to write them out. This year, his teacher has really worked with him and taught him how to get the thoughts on paper. Yay! I'm so grateful!)

"Dear Me,
On Thursday I saw the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!
It wasn't very exciting because mostly just singers for the whole parade. I also went to (Guilder) for dinner. There was this salad that had green olives. I didn't dare try it. Also there was regular green olives and regular olives! It was like paradise. It was amazing.
The end"

I laughed when I read the part about the salad with green olives. It's called Tomato Aspic. Have you ever heard of it? My parents LOVE it and their children DON'T!!! They're okay with that though, because then they don't have to share it. And we are more than HAPPY to let them have ALL of it! :)

I lifted this picture from my sister's Facebook album (hope that's okay Red!) so you can see how my niece, SaJo, and nephew JackO felt about the salad...

The rest of the post will just be pictures of our fun weekend:

As you know, I am a treat maker/baker. My assignment usually is baking pies. I sometimes throw in some extra yummies, like these Oreo Turkeys and Reese's Peanut Butter Cup pilgrim hats. They were somewhat time consuming, so I loaded my iPad up with Netflix and watched my favorite TV program while I made everything... can you see what I watched?

I made 4 different kind of pies

I also made a couple loaves of lemon poppyseed bread. I promise to share the recipe with you some time! It's so YUMMY and easy to bake!!! (Thanks Mama Chef!)

Buttercup puts on her best, "I HATE crafts!" face (this is a posed picture). She did a beautiful job, in spite of her hatred of decoupage, wood and scrapbook paper.

My mom and I were dishing up olives. Sadly, I am surrounded by people who LOVE pimento filled green olives. I HATE them!! Right when this picture was snapped, I had just gotten a wiff of the olives.


When you go to college a thousand miles away from home, this is the next best way to keep in touch with family!


Ready to eat!

One of our new traditions is letting my cosmetologist wannabe daughter give everyone facials. I think everyone LOVED the experience!

Inigo loved the facials so much that he is begging me to make an appointment for him at the school so he can have another one!

I loved this picture of SaJo. We wore her out playing spoons and BS


Wees said...
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Wees said...

Fun pics, Valerie dear. Thanks for posting and letting us "in" on all the fun.

SaJo FORGOT to mention the facials! I guess she knew I would be way too jealous.

Tell Inigo to keep writing. The kid's got talent.

And hurry up and post the lemon poppyseed bread recipe!

Yvonne said...

That little Indigo cracks me up--his writing is so fun to read, and the picture of him getting the facial is GREAT.

Looks like you had a great time. I'm not a fan of green olives with pimentos, but I LOVE black olives.