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Friday, October 1, 2010

Scrub Scrouts

Inigo's First Pinewood Derby:
September 30, 2010
The journey through pictures:

Gotta get the wheel axels smooth so they'll roll easier!

Look at the tongues! Like father like son. :)
Lookin' Good!
How's the weight?

Finished and proud of the end result!!
Good job, guys!!
The official weigh-in. At home, the scale said the car was 4.5 oz.
At the derby, the scale said 6.5.
OoopsRemoving some of the weight...
like the AA battery Max imbedded into the center of the car.
Had to remove the Legos driver too.

Inigo performed his first flag ceremony.
Ready for the first race...
They'rrrrrrre off!

The boy on the right was stiff competition. Inigo won this heat!
But this boy won second over-all.
Award: Best Use of Decals
(His theme was Sir Edmund Hillary: First person to summit Mt. Everest. The car had a picture of Sir Edmund on the peak and the words "The Hillary" above the wheel.
3rd Place Overall!!

Out of 10 or 11 heats, Inigo only lost two. The second race he lost because the weights fell out of the bottom of his car in the middle of the race and stopped him dead on the tracks.

We're so proud!! Way go to, Buddy!


thorkgal said...

YAY for boy scouts! I must say that after four boys and what seemed like a million pinewood derby cars, I'm very happy to be DONE. :)

Amber said...

How fun for him (and Max)!

gelly said...

Manly bonding time with the Pinewood Derby...how fun. Congrats to Inigo (and Max).
Loved the part about the scale being SO off. haha...