"Women of God can never be like women of the world. The world has enough women who are tough; we need women who are tender. There are enough women who are coarse; we need women who are kind... We have enough women of fame and fortune; we need more women of faith." -- Margaret D. Nadauld

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Just Playin'

I have spent a couple hours tonight, scouring the web on how to make my blog look a little better. I'm fairly comfortable with computers, but there is still a lot I need to learn. At least I know where the "tab" button is.... which is better than someone I know! (Bossy Lady, I'm talking about YOU!!) :-)

So, first of all, let me apologize. I don't use Google Reader, and I know several of you do. I don't know if all the times I clicked "save" -- which were probably around 50 -- you were sent an update on your reader. SO... if you were, I'm sorry!!!

Second: This is a test post. I have seen lots of blogs out there that have BIG pictures and I hate that mine are small. So, again, after hours of scouring tutorials, I think I may have found my answer. I have a photo that my sister, Red, took of me at Christmas. Let's see if I can post it here, bigger than my other photos:


And there you have it!! Yup, it's a scary picture for sure!

Thanks for being patient with me!


Lt. Col. Samantha Carter said...

Lookin' good! I may get my background from this place...still having a heck of a time with my own design.

Yvonne said...

Looks great. I'm so boring, I need to do something new.

Kristi said...

Well, it seems to have worked. Your picture is huge! To do my digital scrapbooking I used photoshop elements. Then I downloaded some free kits from shabbyprincess.com and summertimedesigns.blogspot.com I'm just getting into it and I'm already addicted. I love free stuff!

Sarah Miller said...

Your eyes look so pretty!!

Connie said...

You computer guru - you! Great eyes! It's time for me to do a little revamping but I'm kind of afraid of losing everything if I start messin' with it!
Have a great weekend!

gelly said...

LOL! I love you. I feel your pain with searching high and low for the right blog background. I just got rid of my nauseating green and yellow template. It looked so much less yucky when I first saw it. Very cool that you have big pics.

thorkgal said...

WOW! That is going to be awesome. I love the pic... I may have to do that myself.