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Friday, September 4, 2009

Who's Hot?

David Cook... that's who!!

Buttercup and I had such an awesome time at his concert!! I had serious problems with my Kodak point and shoot camera (yes, I am starting to look for a new camera since we're going to Disney Land in a month and I will need a good camera for that trip), but I tried to just enjoy the evening. After all... I single handedly voted this guy in as the American Idol a year ago, so of course I was very happy to be there. ;)

We got amazing seats!! I let Buttercup skip school and she drove to Guilder 8 hours early to get in line (she went with the people who sold us the tickets) . It was a long hot day for her, but the girls are extremely nice, so it was fun for her. Later, I brought our neighbor and friend, DaWil, and we got there an hour before they opened the doors. Poor Buttercup was famished (she had brought snack food, but it wasn't the same as a good meal), so I also brought her a tasty baked potato from Wendy's -- one of her favorite meals. (Can you see her sunburn?)

The tickets were sold "General Admittance" so we were very glad the girls sacrificed their day to get in line. There were only about 20-30 people ahead of us in line, so we were able to rush in and get AMAZING seats!! Seriously.... we were on the 5th center row!!

(The only other time in my life that I had good seats like this was when I was in 8th grade and I went to this same auditorium and saw Donny & Marie Osmond in concert. That time I was on the 2nd row. Usually I sit in the nosebleed section.)

The opening band was the Crash Kings. And I have to say they weren't bad and (I'll admit) kind of cute! They were LOUD, but they rocked the place and got us ready for The Man David.

And then... after clearing the stage...


He proved over and over why he won American Idol. He is good!! He is a great singer, a great performer, and a wonderful musician! (Yes, America, you can thank me!) And what was fun about a concert in a small venue like this, is that it is a little more intimate and he felt like he could interact with us. He talked to us frequently between songs and made us laugh. He's still friendly and still having fun with his career.

(I realized after watching these two bands that I love watching drummers. DC's drummer was a BLAST!)

David announced after singing this song that it was just announced that day that it had gone Platinum!!!

My one and only regret for the evening was leaving when the concert was over instead of hanging around to try to get his autograph. I found out afterward that he was very gracious and came to sign autographs for those who waited by his bus. (Insert BIG frowny face here.) :-(

Oh well. It was a FANTASTIC evening and I would be happy to do it all again. We lost some hearing but made wonderful memories.
(David Archuleta is coming to the University in Dec! I will have to see if I can get some tickets for that one!)
And now I have to ask.... can any of you recommend a nice point and shoot digital camera that won't break the bank??


Sarah Miller said...

Sounds like you have a fun time. Buttercup looked like she was having the time of her life!!!

Yvonne said...

I'm so glad you both (well, all of you) had such a great time.

You let Buttercup get out of school early--what a great mom ; )

I couldn't remember--were you a David Cook supporter all through AI. (I don't watch, but I do know he won ; )

I hope you get tickets for David Archuleta.

JulieJ said...

Wow! Those were good seats to get that good of pictures. The last concert I went to was Matchbox 20 and Alanis Morisette and my pictures have a white blur in the middle of black.

Kristi said...

Sounds like fun! Good times in Guilder...I'm so glad you got to go. Make sure you check your email...I sent you a message!