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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Not a Show, Just a Tell

Today was Inigo's first show-and-tell for first grade. It was also school picture day. Making sure the hair was right and the shirt looked good -- as well as ensuring the check was made out properly and the right box was checked for which pose or background color we wanted (pictures are so complex these days!) kind of eclipsed preparing what he was going to take to share. (Yes, we could have prepared it the night before, but -- to put it simply -- there just wasn't time.... I had to teach a class for Enrichment Night, prepare a dessert and attend my first Photoshop Class in Guilder. I needed Hermione's time turner!)

Thirty minutes after Inigo got on the bus I did the V-8 head slam and felt really bad that he didn't take anything.

Tonight, as we were having our family dinner we asked Inigo how his day went and what he decided to do for show-and-tell. He was completely okay that he forgot to take a toy or his badge from the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center (Great Falls souvenir). He informed us that he stood in front of his first grade class and told them that "they could ask him any question they wanted about Michael Jackson."

Yes, that was his "tell."

There were two questions posed to this local Michael Jackson expert:

#1: "Why did Michael Jackson die of a heart attack?"
A: "Well, Michael Jackson was actually murdered by someone giving him too much drugs."


#2: "Will you sing the song 'Beat It'?"
A: "Gaaaaaaaaaaaaah.........." and falls to the floor.

I can't wait to talk to his teacher and find out what she thought.


This is what the substitute teacher had to say on Facebook about Inigo:

I subbed first grade yesterday. loved it!! My favorite part was show and tell. One darling little boy sang a medoly of Micheal Jackson songs, busted a few "thriller" moves and shared Michael Jackson trivia with the class. I LOVE FIRST GRADE!!

After which his teacher posted this:

HAHAHAA!!!! And that would be my class! You're the best ____!


Yvonne said...

I'm sitting here just chuckling ; ) What a cutie Wouldn't you have loved to be a fly on that wall and watch that--I know I would have, and I'm not his mom.

Sarah Miller said...

IS there ever a dull moment with that silly little boy around? I'm glad that you are "recording" these for him, he will (or future wife) will totally appreciate them and all of their glory!!

Damommachef said...

Oh my gosh I am laughing out loud over this one! I love it! Is he OK with himself or what? He's such a great kid.

The Youngest this week: We were visiting our friends and she went to primary with them. Apparently in class her teacher asked the kids if one of them could tell her about the Word of Wisdom. The Youngest raised her hand and said, "Speaking words of Wisdom, let it be."

So does she give a family home evening answer? No, she quotes the Beatles.