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Friday, July 24, 2009

A 1.5 Hour Drive That Took 12 Hours

I have a friend, Steck, that has lived in Florin for 8 years. Eight long years that should have afforded her the opportunities to drive north to the mountains and experience the wonderful beauties that are there.

Well, she hasn't. (Hard to believe, isn't it?)

When we realized that both Buttercup and Max were going to be gone this week, leaving only Inigo and me home, Steck and I decided it was the perfect time for me to give her a tour of "my" mountain home. (Yes, I claim the wilderness as my own.)

We left in the morning and headed to some of the most beautiful water falls that our area has to offer, Plateau Falls (names have been changed).

We had a lot of ground to cover and only one day, so we couldn't linger in one place too long. Our next destination was further north to Large Watering Place, where we had planned on feeding the fish. I got distracted however, when I drove past this:

This is where we go cross-country skiing every winter. And, believe it or not, I haven't never stopped to see what it looks like in the summer. I've only seen it covered with snow. It's just as gorgeous thawed out as it is frozen!!

Finally we made it to Large Watering Place. It's been years since I've been there. Okay...The last time I was there it was winter and we were on snowmobiles. Again, I was thrilled with the thawed-out beauty.

(You know, we've complained about all the rain we've gotten this summer, but it has made everything so beautiful and green!)

I am always talking about the cabin my parents are building, so I felt like it was only fair if I take her there. And if we're going to the cabin, then we have to go to the two lakes that are there! Edge and Splash Lake which we had to dip our feet into! (It's not easy trying to come up with new names for all these places!)

Last summer we took Inigo to the "crooked cabin" and he's been fascinated with it ever since. That was the one place he insisted we take Steck. (There was an earthquake in the area 50 years ago and this is one of the buildings that was damaged.)

Finally, we were out of time. We had to hurry back to "town" (my family knows where that is) where Steck had an engagement with some other friends at the Windmill Theater. We booted her out the door in front of the theater and headed home.

We were exhausted, but happy. I love spending time in the mountains and this trip was especially fulfilling because the scenery was so stunning. We saw Pronghorn Antelope, soaring hawks and even a muskrat at Large Watering Place.

There were gorgeous wild flowers at every turn.

We couldn't have asked for a better day!


sarah joelle said...

all of these pictures are BEAUTIFUL. my favorite is the first one though. holy cow, what a picture!!

JulieJ said...

So beautiful! I need to take my kids!

thorkgal said...

Oh yes, it could of been better... had you invited ME! Duh. Fabulous photos.

Yvonne said...

Love the pictures--wow. You are very lucky to have such beautiful scenery so close.