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Friday, January 14, 2011

Art Lesson

I am substituting for Inigo's art teacher who recently had a baby. She was having complications and was put on bed rest for a couple months before delivery, so I've been teaching art every other Friday since October. I know I've mentioned before -- and I'll mention it again -- I'M NO ARTIST!!! I would love to leave all this art teaching to the professionals (That's YOU Thorkgal!) but I love to help in Inigo's class and there was a need, so why not give it a try?

Thankfully there are a couple GREAT websites out there for idiots like me: artsonia.com and artprojectsforkids.org. I have found some really cute projects for the kids to make.

The projects we've done have had mixed results. My first lesson was a complete and total failure. Things have gradually improved over the weeks and I think today's lesson was (for me) a wonderful success!! I should probably quit now and beg the other mom to come back so I can end on a high...

The lesson today was on lines. How sharp lines can make you feel energetic and softer curves can make you have more of a peaceful feeling. We were supposed to make a self portrait with one half of the face drawn in using sharp lines and bright colors and the other half using muted colors and softer lines.

Also, earlier today the kids had a lesson on Fantasy vs. Reality, so we also incorporated that into the art.

I am so pleased with how the projects turned out!!

(This is Inigo's art.)


Kristi said...

Very impressive. I always forget there are elements of art that need to be taught. I just know I can't do any of it.

thorkgal said...

You're talking like a REAL artist... lines and expression, wow! Isn't it FUN!!! I love the results. YOU ROCK!

Yvonne said...

Great job--Love it.

I'm not an artist AT ALL.